Wiki Seat… One year later!

I know we all get busy and forget to finish our 3 part blog post. However, I feel like the Maker in me prevented me from writing this last post for a good reason!

I presented my Wiki Seat experience in a session at TCEA a few hours ago and feel like this is best time to wrap up my 3 part blog post.

In review, I learned about the Wiki Seat one year ago at TCEA and found a way to make it happen in the our district High School welding class. The project was a success, but it was not an easy process to even start, get kids excited about, or have kids finish but definitely worth all the effort.

In my presentation today the audience was small but interactive. I would rather have a small group of excited teachers than a room full of bored people looking at YouTube. (Yes, I did that during a slow session today.)

Here is some of the feedback today via Twitter!

If that doesn’t make you smile you need to go back and read it again!

After reflecting for a year I am able to go back and analyze all the positive things that came out of the project. Students were engaged (even if they didn’t want to admit it), students made a home/school connections, students surprised their teachers, and most importantly they FINISHED the project with pride.

In closing, don’t be afraid to share the cool things that you do. You never know who may read it, get inspired, and then run with it.

Here is a link to my TCEA presentation!

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