Cari’s Challenge

Last month I presented at one of my favorite conferences, TCEA! I love TCEA because it is close to home and there are always tons of excited participants that are ready to learn! I presented several different sessions this year, but my favorite session was Engaging Staff and Students with Mini Challenges. You can view my presentation at

In my presnetaion I emphasize the word Challenge because it is a fun way for adults and children to learn. I mean, who can resist telling someone no when they say “I challenge you to…..”

So here is my challenge for you! Complete the mini-challenge below and then tweet or email me the link to your completed work! I will happily re-tweet your awesome work and then pick a winner for a fun little prize!

Most importantly have fun with the challenge and you may even learn a new skill or 2 during the process!

Ready, set, go……


  • From Google Drive, Click New, Google My Maps
  • Type in the address of one of your favorite places to visit
  • Title the Map “My Favorite Place”
  • Add 4 markers to your map
  • Write a short description under each marker
  • Pick one of your markers and change the icon shape color
  • Measure the measure the perimeter of your favorite place (hint: look for a ruler)
  • Last, draw a line to show a path that you have traveled 

Now that you have completed the challenge send the link to or Tweet the link to @TechieCari

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!!!

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