Cari’s Challenge #2

Welcome to the second edition of Cari’s Challenge!! I love challenging students and staff to teach them new concepts in a fun and engaging manner. I enjoy teaching this way because it brings out the competitive nature in teachers and as an added bonus, I get to watch them dance and laugh.

So here is my next challenge for you! Complete the mini-challenge below and then tweet or email me the link to your completed work! I will happily re-tweet your awesome work and then pick a winner for a fun little prize!

Most importantly have fun with the challenge and you may even learn a new skill or 2 during the process!

Ready, set, go……

  • Your challenge is to create a 5-page presentation using Google Slides!
  • The presentation will focus on your favorite TV character.
  • Your presentation must include following:
    • a short bio of the character with a hyperlink to more information 
    • an embedded YouTube video
    • 3 or more images of the actor/actress
    • A slide describing the reasons why you enjoy watching this actor/actress.
  • Change the theme of the template to one more appealing to you.
  • Share the presentation with me via Twitter @TechieCari or email at 



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